PCB Family Sessions

There’s something so special about capturing families while they’re on vacation! The beach is a “happy place” for so many people, so they just radiate happiness while here… especially children. I love seeing kids playing in the sand and the waves, especially if it’s their first time experiencing the ocean! These two families were on… Read More PCB Family Sessions


Hunter, Elena, & Fam

  Y’all, this family was just as FUN as they are BEAUTIFUL! They were such a delight to work with, and probably one of my favorite sessions. We did some family photos since they were visiting Rosemary for vacation, and then a few individuals of each of the couples/families – who were all adorable. Hunter… Read More Hunter, Elena, & Fam


Tessa & Cooper

  Let me tell you a little about Tessa & Cooper. Tessa and I became best friends early in high school when we suddenly realized we were BFF soul mates AND lived one block away from each other. Our friendship became more like a sisterhood, and we spent nearly every moment of high school together.… Read More Tessa & Cooper


Hair Update

Hey guys! Back before I updated my site *and lost ALLLL my content* I had shared my trial experience with Monat! Within those first two-three weeks of using the hair products, I knew I was starting to see some results and could go twice as long without washing my hair (every busy gal’s dream, am… Read More Hair Update