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Hello! I’ve neglected the bloggy again lately, and since it’s been a crazy week, I figured I’d just write about it. Plus I may or may not throw an outfit in too. 😜

This week has consisted of: a new dietary job offer in which I can use my degree (!!!), then realizing I won’t get to see my girls everyday now (boo), a night in the ER, still a mystery to my doctor, and the realization that I still have 10000 things to get done before the wedding in 3 WEEKS.

All I know is I have learned that even though life is hard, it’s taught me more and more each day to just give it to God and trust that new mercies will be there in the morning 😉. I was leaving my doctor’s office yesterday, and was nearly in tears as I walked to my car. Then I looked up and saw a rainbow. It made me smile and reminded me that He’s got this. If you are like me and have anxiety/overanalyze things – please take a hot minute and BREATHE! Do some yoga! (I’m trying to get back into it – we’ll see how it goes).

I can’t leave here without posting an outfit too. This is quite the eclectic post. But that’s what happens when I’m MIA for a month I guess.
So lets talk about this top. 😍 It’s so summery and I love it!! I’m getting sad that summer is ending soon, so I’m just gonna keep wearing fun summer pieces like this! Plus Labor Day is coming up quick so I gotta get some wear out of my white pants. The top is from my favorite, Fabrik Denver. I’ve never left there empty handed… and I got paid today sooo my head is screaming “treat yoself gurl”. Might have to start stocking up on fun fall pieces! Have the BEST weekend!

XO beth

Friday face…IMG_6501


[top – fabrik // pants – target // shoes – target // necklaces – riffraff]