My Favorite Daily Habits

If you’re a twenty-something like me, you’re probably still figuring life out. I know I sure am. I am that person they make videos about who calls/texts their mom asking the dumbest questions to make it through struggles of the adult world. **shoutout to my mom** Like, if I tear a check out of the checkbook and the corner tears, am I breaking the law? Will they take my check? (this one is based on true events this week). Needless to say, I’m nowhere near reaching my long-term goals in life, and ya know what? That is so okay. Figuring our ish out is what our twenties are for, right?

Anyways, in today’s post I’m simply sharing the things I actually HAVE figured out. It’s not very many things, compared to what I have not figured out, but oh well. SO, here are five things I’ve discovered I have to/like to do every day, to improve myself and my day:

  1. Talk to Jesus. If religion isn’t your thing, then that’s fine just ignore this one. I’m not pushing anything on anyone. But trust me, you’re missing out if you’re not. He is so awesome. Talking to Him throughout your day makes it so much easier! And in case you forgot, He is always listening 🙂
  2. Take your vitamins. This is so important for everyone no matter how old you are! But especially 20-somethings, because we are so busy and often miss out on lots of important nutrients due to eating out/eating poorly due to busy schedules. Fuel your body people! (I take VitaFusion Women’s Multivitamin gummies, so good.)
  3. Get outside. It helps that I live in a warm-weather, beachy climate, but getting outdoors has become crucial to my daily routine. I have noticed a huge impact on my mood; if I stay inside doing homework all day I get restless and irritable. But even if I just walk down to the mailbox (it’s down the block), I feel ten times better! You can imagine what the beach does for my mood. So do yourself a favor and go outside and do something!
  4. Drink water. This one is simple; your body needs to stay hydrated, so listen to it and hydrate it! It is healthy in more ways than one. If you have digestion issues, try adding lemon juice to your water in the morning! It’s become my new ritual.
  5. Call people on the phone. I am SO bad at this. Like, really really bad. I’m even bad at texting people back, but calling people is my biggest weakness. But when I do talk on the phone, whether it’s my daddy or my one of my besties, I immediately feel happier! So, to all my friends/family/anyone who knows me, I am working on this I promise!!
  6. Make your bed! I’m not trying to sound like your mom, but it turns out it is a huge day-maker! I went so many years without making this a habit, but now that I do it pretty much everyday, I’ve realized how good it makes me feel knowing my bedroom is neat and nice-looking.

Well, now you have a tiny peek into some of my daily routine. Hope some of these can apply to you! As always, thank you for reading! Happy hump day loves!

XO beth



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