Lace Up & Leather








Hi! We are almost halfway through the week which means it’s basically almost Friday. Yay!

I’m currently cozied up on the couch admiring my Christmas finds in the $3 section at Target, summoning energy for the gym. I don’t even care if it’s “too early” because I love Christmas time more than anything. Like elves are my spirit animals. It doesn’t mean I like Thanksgiving any less. Plus… I still have my pumpkins out too, so it’s okay right? (That’s how I justified it to the hubs, who is firmly against decorating before Thanksgiving)

Anyways! Today’s look is featuring one of my faaaavorite trends this season – lace-up tees! Major heart eyes for this shirt because it can be worn as a dress OR tunic, is super edgy and fun, AND it has POCKETS! Thank me later, ladies. Plus, they just got restocked in all different styles and colors! (HERE). I added the purple bralette for a pop of color and to cover up a little since the shirt dips a little low.

The liquid leggings are just my favorite staple for this season and winter because they go with everything. You’ll be seeing me in them a lot (probably too much).

And let’s talk about camo for a hot minute. I’m obsessed. It’s so great for breaking up a completely solid outfit like this one, and can be mixed with other patterns as well. I personally enjoy wearing it with stripes. But this jacket is great for fall in Florida; not too heavy but not too light!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is only one week away! I’m thankful for you guys 🙂

XO beth

shirt + bralette + leggings: here // camo jacket: here // shoes: Tom’s // choker: here


The Perfect Fall Mini








Happy Monday! I hope you’re having the best Monday ever. I haven’t had coffee all day and I’m wondering how I’m still alive right now.

Anyways, I’m excited to share this outfit with you guys because it’s one of my favorites for fall! The weather is finally getting cooler here in FL, but it’s mainly cool in the mornings and evenings. Which means it’s hard to find the appropriate outfit to wear when going out. That’s why I was so excited when I got this cute suede skirt because it’s very fall-ish yet not too warm for the Florida sunshine!

I went with a simple, white crop top for this one because it was pretty warm out. But if you’re wanting a little more warmth, throw a chunky knit sweater over the crop and you’re good to go. I am currently on the hunt for a chunky knit for this season, just for outfits like this one. They’re more versatile than you think! And of course, boots. Because it’s not fall without boots. Am I right? I’m SO thankful my hubby got me these boots a couple of years ago because over the knee boots are THE SHIZ right now! And they don’t have a heel, which is even better for me and my weak feet!

I got the skirt for less than $15 (yes, you read that right!) at forever21. The crop is from ShopRiffraff (& I’m pretty sure they recently re-stocked it!!). Like I said, the boots are from a couple seasons ago, but I am linking very similar ones for you at the bottom!

I was sitting in the tire shop this afternoon (for way too long *eye roll*) and the news was on. Oh my gosh it made me SO sad hearing about all the hate people are displaying in our country right now. So here’s my tiny ray of sunshine for your day: God is the One who ultimately runs this place, and He has huge plans for all of us! So let’s please love on one another regardless of who we voted for, because like the song says, “Red yellow black and white, we’re all precious in His sight!” Let’s pray for more love and less hate.

Hope you babes have the best start to your week, and thanks for reading!

XO beth

Photos: Ski’s Photography ->

skirt: // purse & top: here // boots: similar here & here // necklace: similar here