Organization Tips: How I *Try To* Keep My Life Together

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Hi guys! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather here in FL has been absolutely AMAZING the last few weeks *knock on woooooood* and I am obsessed with it! I find myself itching to be outside if I stay in more than a few hours! Living here has definitely become one of my favorite blessings.

If you know me, you may or may not know that I am fairly OCD sometimes and am such a planner. I like to have a plan for most things (don’t get me wrong, spontaneity is great in the right setting, lol). It’s actually really ironic because my husband is the complete opposite which keeps our life VERY entertaining!

So that being said, I do my best to stay organized throughout the week. I’m no professional, but I have developed a few solid strategies to keeping my ish in line! I’ll share my favorite ones and maybe they’ll work for you as well!

  1. Invest in a good planner!! This is my biggest point. It may seem kind of obvious, but it really makes a huge difference for me! I waited a little bit to buy a new planner for 2017, and those few weeks I went without one was stressful when it came to plans. I managed (obviously) but I like having a planner to write everything down in. This helps you look ahead at things coming up as far as a year out. I suggest finding one that has to-do lists in it, notes sections, and plenty of room to write things on the individual days! Those are my three requirements when picking a planner. There are so many cute ones to choose from, spanning all price ranges! I got mine at TJ Maxx for $6.99 and I love it! I will link more online options at different price points.
  2. Make lists!! I have to make a to-do list for myself almost every day because if I have more than one “item” to do that day (such as calling to make an appointment or picking up dry cleaning) then I will forget them if they’re not written down. I keep notepads readily available in my kitchen and car. Post-its work as well! Whatever you gotta do. Hand written reminders help more than you may think 🙂
  3. If you’re married or live with a roommate, create a joint calendar!! And put it somewhere easily accessible to both of you. My husband and I have a dry erase board/cork board in our kitchen area that we use for groceries lists, important dates, and to-do’s for each other. This helps you know each other’s schedule, just in case you forget to mention something or one of you forgets what the other has going on that day! It has helped us stay a little more organized as far as schedule cohesion.
  4. Accordion folders are life savers!! They may kind of lame and a middle schooler type thing, but I kind of love them. You can organize your bills/statements in the different sections. You can organize your homework for different classes if you’re in school. You can organize recipes in them. Get the ones that come with label tabs, and you can label the class name, recipe type, bill due date, etc. Then you can easily store them somewhere without too much of a paper mess! Nothing is more frustrating than clutter, and these help with paper clutter!
  5. Spreadsheets!! I used to make fun of the hubs for making spreadsheets for so many random things (sorry babe), but now I realize how great they are for staying organized! It’s another great way to organize bills, budgets, meal planning, etc. There are also some great printables online for organizing things like this! Hit up Pinterest and see what you can find!

These may not be life changing tips, but they work for me! I definitely struggle to maintain organization at times, but these tips can be life savers when things get crazy! Have a great week!

XO beth

A few of my favorite planners:

Here // Here // Here // Here


3 Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Cups










Hi guys, and happy hump day!! I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

As many of you probably know, I am all about eating clean MOST of the time, and making healthy snack choices ALMOST all the time. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — MODERATION is KEY!

You have to learn how to BALANCE your healthy choices with a few indulgences here and there.

One of my favorite times to indulge is Valentine’s Day! I love chocolate. Like, A LOT. Like if my house caught on fire, I’d be real tempted to save the chocolate. Although I usually can’t keep any in my house because it tempts me too much. ANYWAYS.

This V-day, I decided to try a new sweet treat based on my favorite candy – Reese’s hearts! I made up my own peanut butter cups, using minimal ingredients to avoid the long list of crap-like ingredients. I included a picture of the long list of ingredients on a Reese’s (still love Reese’s don’t get me wrong).

I know I know, these aren’t the healthiest snack BUT they do have much fewer things in them than normal candy. It’s nice knowing exactly what goes into what you’re eating! I shared them with a couple friends for V-day treats and they seemed to be a hit! Here’s the recipe!

3-Ingredient No-Bake Peanut Butter Cups

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1tsp coconut oil

Peanut butter filling:
1/3 cup natural peanut butter *look at the ingredients when choosing PB; less ingredients is best!
1 tsp coconut oil
*you may want to add a small splash of water here, depends how thick you want your filling. if you want it thinner but creamy, add a small splash of water.

Line a mini muffin pan with mini muffin cups (if you don’t have any cups that’s fine, just lightly coat the pan with oil!). Heat up chocolate chips until melted and smooth. Drop a small dollop of the melted chocolate into each mini muffin cup so that the whole bottom is covered. Melt the peanut butter and coconut oil, then add splash of water if necessary. Stir until mixed and smooth. Place a small dollop – slightly smaller than the dollop of chocolate on the bottom – of the PB mixture on top of the bottom chocolate layer. Then, top them all off with another (slightly larger) dollop of chocolate, so that the peanut butter is covered, for the most part. Freeze for 20 minutes. ENJOY!

Once frozen, these can be stored in either the refrigerator or freezer, just personal preference! You can also top with nuts, granola, etc. to add a little crunch! I’m trying it with dark chocolate and walnuts next time 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy!

XO beth

My V-Day Look

img_2580Hi guys! I’m so happy February is upon us. I love celebrating Valentine’s Day! Not just romantically but loving on all my favorite peeps.

I had high hopes of showing you guys my V-day/date night look in this post, but the wind did not cooperate WHAT.SO.EVER during this shoot… so I’ll leave you with the one picture that turned out 🙂 Sorry!

The fun, bell sleeved “top” is actually a romper that I put a fun skirt over! I got a little creative with it. Don’t be afraid to play around with different outfits and styles. Romper is from Dillard’s, and was on sale for a great price! I’ve hit major jackpots the last few times I’ve hit up Dillard’s sale racks! Always worth checking out!

Have the best Monday, loves!

XO beth

romper – dillards // skirt – shopriffraff // shoes + necklace – target

Zoodles 3 Ways

Hi guys! I hope you’re having the best day! I posted a couple of zoodle pics on instagram and got lots of questions about the recipes, so I decided to share a few of my faves!

Zoodles have become one of my current obsessions. I got a spiralizer last year and used it here and there, but lately I have been using it a ton. It’s so fun! Zoodles – zucchini noodles – are the perfect way to sneak some extra veggies into a meal without compromising a lot of flavor! And it saves a ton of calories!

So, I rounded up my three current, go-to zoodle recipes for you guys. They are easy, delicious, and light dishes that are perfect for a healthy lunch or dinner!

Sidenote – I have also gotten questions about the spiralizer I use, so I snuck in a couple pictures of it! Got it from Amazon 🙂

Zoodles with Tofu

There are several different ways to prepare tofu, but so far I think my favorite is just tossing them in some cornstarch (helps make them crispy) and cooking them in a cast iron skillet. I seasoned them with pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. Season how you want though! Once you make the zoodles, just toss them in a bit of olive oil and sautee them briefly, until warm. Once the tofu is done, top zoodles with it and add sauce if you would like. You could add tomato sauce or soy saue; I’ve tried both and they add nice flavor!

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Spaghetti Zoodles

This one is probably the easiest of them all. Simply make the zoodles the same way as you did in the previous recipe. To make the spaghetti sauce, brown your meat (I use ground turkey but obviously you can use beef if you prefer!). Once meat is fully browned, add tomato sauce, a little garlic, and Italian seasonings. For added flavor, chop up an onion and cook it with the meat. Stir until thoroughly meat and sauce are mixed and simmer for about five minutes. Top zoodles with the spaghetti sauce and enjoy! (Top with parmesan if you like cheese)



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Pesto Chicken Zoodles

This is one of my all time favorites. Once you spiralize your zoodles, sautee them in a skillet with about a tablespoon of pesto; a little goes a long way! Two tablespoons if necessary. Remove from skillet and set aside. Dice up chicken breast into small pieces and cook in olive oil on the hot skillet. Season with garlic, onion powder, and pepper. While your chicken cooks, dice up a Roma tomato. After chicken is done, top your pesto zoodles with the chicken and tomato. I left it at that, BUT I think this dish would be great with some Feta cheese and olives on top as well!

I hope you guys enjoy! What are your favorite zoodle recipes?! Please share if there are any I need in my life!! Thanks for reading.

XO beth