Organization Tips: How I *Try To* Keep My Life Together

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Hi guys! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather here in FL has been absolutely AMAZING the last few weeks *knock on woooooood* and I am obsessed with it! I find myself itching to be outside if I stay in more than a few hours! Living here has definitely become one of my favorite blessings.

If you know me, you may or may not know that I am fairly OCD sometimes and am such a planner. I like to have a plan for most things (don’t get me wrong, spontaneity is great in the right setting, lol). It’s actually really ironic because my husband is the complete opposite which keeps our life VERY entertaining!

So that being said, I do my best to stay organized throughout the week. I’m no professional, but I have developed a few solid strategies to keeping my ish in line! I’ll share my favorite ones and maybe they’ll work for you as well!

  1. Invest in a good planner!! This is my biggest point. It may seem kind of obvious, but it really makes a huge difference for me! I waited a little bit to buy a new planner for 2017, and those few weeks I went without one was stressful when it came to plans. I managed (obviously) but I like having a planner to write everything down in. This helps you look ahead at things coming up as far as a year out. I suggest finding one that has to-do lists in it, notes sections, and plenty of room to write things on the individual days! Those are my three requirements when picking a planner. There are so many cute ones to choose from, spanning all price ranges! I got mine at TJ Maxx for $6.99 and I love it! I will link more online options at different price points.
  2. Make lists!! I have to make a to-do list for myself almost every day because if I have more than one “item” to do that day (such as calling to make an appointment or picking up dry cleaning) then I will forget them if they’re not written down. I keep notepads readily available in my kitchen and car. Post-its work as well! Whatever you gotta do. Hand written reminders help more than you may think 🙂
  3. If you’re married or live with a roommate, create a joint calendar!! And put it somewhere easily accessible to both of you. My husband and I have a dry erase board/cork board in our kitchen area that we use for groceries lists, important dates, and to-do’s for each other. This helps you know each other’s schedule, just in case you forget to mention something or one of you forgets what the other has going on that day! It has helped us stay a little more organized as far as schedule cohesion.
  4. Accordion folders are life savers!! They may kind of lame and a middle schooler type thing, but I kind of love them. You can organize your bills/statements in the different sections. You can organize your homework for different classes if you’re in school. You can organize recipes in them. Get the ones that come with label tabs, and you can label the class name, recipe type, bill due date, etc. Then you can easily store them somewhere without too much of a paper mess! Nothing is more frustrating than clutter, and these help with paper clutter!
  5. Spreadsheets!! I used to make fun of the hubs for making spreadsheets for so many random things (sorry babe), but now I realize how great they are for staying organized! It’s another great way to organize bills, budgets, meal planning, etc. There are also some great printables online for organizing things like this! Hit up Pinterest and see what you can find!

These may not be life changing tips, but they work for me! I definitely struggle to maintain organization at times, but these tips can be life savers when things get crazy! Have a great week!

XO beth

A few of my favorite planners:

Here // Here // Here // Here


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