Kent Family Mommy & Me Shoot

You guys, this shoot was so much fun! It was my first maternity shoot – EEK! – and I had a blast! Susana and her son Nathan were naturals, as you can tell. Susana is having a baby girl in a few months, and it’s obvious she’s got one super sweet big brother to look out for her! We did a combination of outdoorsy and beachy photos at sunset, and I love how they came out.

Funny story — it rained off and on ALL day the day of this shoot. It was SO dark and cloudy, and as soon as the sun would peek out, it was start raining and the clouds would return! I was so stressed that we wouldn’t be able to shoot, which would’ve been okay because we could always reschedule, but oh my gosh I was so excited I didn’t want the weather to ruin it! But sure enough, about 20 minutes before we met for the shoot, the sun came out of nowhere, the rain stopped, and we caught the best sunset!

XO beth


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