Monday Motivation

Hi guys! Hope your week is off to a lovely start. After having my family in town last week, this week already seems to be dragging and quite boring. I wish I could just keep them here with me, haha! We had so much fun. I’m already anxious for their next visit.

We spent most of the time at the beach, but when we weren’t on the beach we went out exploring some new places – shops, coffee/food places, etc. – and eating yummy food (my best hobby!). We shot these photos in Historic St. Andrews – one of my all time favorite spots in this whole area!

This outfit was perfect for covering up my sunburnt shoulders without making me sweat in the heat! I bought this shirt at Riffraff several years ago, and I’m so happy I have held onto it, because bell sleeves are making the biggest comeback! I will link the outfit details at the bottom of the post (linking similar shirts since this one is old)!

Anyways, let’s talk about getting OUT of your own head and letting positivity in!

One of my BIGGEST struggles this week, to be honest.

I have come a reeeally long way as far as self love and all that goes. Most days, I love myself regardless of what negative thoughts try to pop into my head and ruin my day… But some days, or weeks, just don’t come as easy. Some days, my negativity toward MYSELF saturates everything I do and affects my whole mood. Not cool, but it is what it is. So please know that you are not the only one struggling with this!

My husband said something very profound to me today, although to him it was probably a simple remark. But when I was complaining about something, I said to him, “Ugh, it’s fine. I’m fine.” And he replied with, “Fine, or good?” WOW this resonated so much for some reason. (Sorry babe for telling this ๐Ÿ˜˜ but your wisdom must be shared!)

Maybe it’s just me, but that made me stop and think about how negative I was being for NO reason. I was acting like my world was going to end, when in reality, I am good and LIFE. IS. GOOD. God has given me this life and this purpose, and it is good and it is well. We aren’t put here to be average and “just fine” but to be happy and purpose-driven.

It’s like God is just really pushing for me to get my chin up ASAP because on top of the hubby’s encouragement, I was reading my devotional and it basically said, “You’re gonna get through today, no matter what, so you might as well take the happy route through today, by choosing Me.”

If you’re doubting yourself, whether it be your appearance, your financial situation, your job, whatever – please remember to choose Him, choose HAPPY! Being happy is a choice, and you’re the only one who can make it ๐Ÿ™‚

I may only be preaching to myself today… but hey, I hope this helps you lift your chin a little like it did mine. Hope your week is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by

XO beth

Shoes – Target // Shirt (similar) – here // shorts – Forever21 // Purse – MK here // necklace – similar here


Wellness Wednesday: Comparison

Hi pretty people! These super fun yoga pants are from HERE and code “reasoner” saves you some monaaaay! My “Chill” top is from TJ maxx and I’m obsessed. It’s like TJ knew I love to netflix and chill.

I hope your hump day has been fantastic. Mine has been rainy, but productive overall. The nice thing about rainy days is you can stay in and GET. STUFF. DONE. I love checking stuff off a to do list.

I also love naps, like a lot, which is also a huge temptation on days like today. So I’m writing this post instead! It helps me feel more productive ๐Ÿ™‚

This morning in the shower, I prayed that God would use me somehow today. Just that. Use me, however. Whatever. I had no specific ideas in mind at that time. But as I was finishing my workout today, I kept thinking about this topic and realized that maybe this is what God wanted me to talk about on here today! (I originally wasn’t going to post today)

If this doesn’t relate to you, I apologize and hope I don’t bore you too much. If it does relate to you, I hope you can find some comfort here on my little corner of the internet!

Something we ALL can relate to is comparison. We areย surrounded constantly by people on Instagram with “perfect” bodies (I say that in quotations because we are humans and surprise! not perfect). We are reminded constantly of how hard people are working at the gym, because let’s be honest almost everyone posts their workouts – I am guilty of this too! We scroll through feed after feed full of what everyone else is doing, and we forget that we are only seeing a very small fraction of what’s really going on.

On top of social media, there are always co-workers, family members, friends, etc. who seem to be doing just a little more or better than we are. Or maybe something you wanted job-wise, school-wise, etc. didn’t work out, and it made you feel inferior when comparing yourself to your colleagues.

Am I right? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

But something I have had to basically FORCE myself to do is to take a step back from Instagram or Twitter or whatever platform it is that’s making you feel inferior. Because if it’s giving you anxiety or making you feel less than AMAZING, then is it worth spending time on? No. Take a step back.

I’m not saying delete your insta or anything, Lord knows I love the ‘gram lol. But when you start feeling yourself making comparisons, TAKE A BREAK! Put your phone down, and go enjoy the moment.

And remember, no matter how perfect someone’s instagram feed is, their life is certainly not. Everyone has their struggles, or insecurities, or whatever. Everyone’s body is different. That super intense workout they do might work for them, but maybe you have bad knees and can’t do high impact stuff. THAT’S OKAY! It doesn’t make you LESS, it makes you DIFFERENT. If we were all the same this life would be so boring.

And on top of everyone’s body being different, so is everyone’s situation! Don’t judge your body based on someone thinner than you – what if they have a food intolerance that causes them to be limited on what they can eat, thus resulting in weight loss? What if you didn’t get that internship because a BETTERย one is waiting for you down the road? Don’t let what can often be a very positive, happy social media platform turn into something that causes you unneeded anxiety.

Being someone who often struggles with anxiety, this realization has been key for me! Everyone’s on their own path. So let’s build each other up, love each other, and MOST importantly, love OURSELVES. We can’t truly love others until we first love ourselves.

XO beth

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Hey You… It’s okay

I’m gonna be real; I’ve been stressed lately. To. The. Max. And I’ve had numerous what-am-I-even-doing-with-my-life meltdowns in the last few weeks/months. And while I am beyond thrilled for all of my friends, classmates, etc. who are getting their big kid jobs and killing it in the career world, I feel like I’m stuck far far behind them and can’t catch up.

Today, the world putsย so much pressure on us. Pressure to graduate in four years, to secure a real-world job before you walk across the stage at your graduation ceremony, to be making enough money to buy a brand new car within your first year post-grad, the list goes on. And on. And it stresses us out! By us, I mean the millennials who are trying to keep up with society’s expectations. And that is exactly what I’ve been doing.

I was fortunate enough to graduate undergrad in four years, which was a miracle since I transferred halfway through college. But at the time I graduated, I felt like I had such a solid plan for my life. I had a degree from theย U of A, had work experience, and was ready to take on the real world. Well….. then I moved to Colorado and could not secure said big kid job to save my life. I applied to SO many, and while my nannying job was one of the biggest unexpected blessings ever, it wasn’t what I got into lots of debt getting my degree for.

That’s when I decided to get my Diet Tech certification. I was thrilled when I took my test and passed it, because nutrition is one of my biggest passions. Well…… guess what Beth? No one uses Diet Techs anymore. Things change, jobs change, needs change. So once again, I was baffled at how all theย education I’d worked so hard for was getting me nowhere.

Fast forward a few months, a wedding, a foot surgery, and a military move later, and I’m now living in Florida. And guess what else?! I’m back in school, following a whole new path.ย Crazy right? Who knew. I have to remind myself daily that this is perfectly normal, that I don’t have to have my life planned out to the T at this point. I’m only 24. I’m still figuring myself out, and that’s OKAY.

So the point of all this rambling, while I may be speaking to myself more than anyone else, is to tell those of you who are about to graduate, or graduated recently, or are just unsure of what the actual heck you are doing with yourself —ย IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY!ย You have to believe this, or you will cause so many unnecessary problems for yourself! Have faith, and breathe. That’s what this whole process has taught me. And I have seen so many people in my life feeling this same stress and pressure lately, that I had to talk about it.

The only reason I put all of this out there is to hopefully make someone feel like they’re not alone (otherwise I sound like a crazy person rambling… which is pretty likely). Anyways, I hope you guys have a rad Wednesday, thanks for reading!

XO beth