7 Tips for Packing

Happy Friday you guys! I hope you’ve had a great week! I woke up feeling incredibly thankful for so many little things today. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to lose sight of those things?! I’m thankful for the things God is teaching me in this season of life. Anyways 🙂

I’ve got several trips coming up over the next few weeks and months, so as I was packing for the first one, I realized this is probably something many people struggle with – myself included! It has been trial and error figuring out the most efficient (for me, at least) way to pack. So, I’m sharing the 7 tips I’ve figured out that help me out the most when packing for a trip!

Keep in mind, this may differ a little depending on whether you are flying or driving, but overall should work for either 🙂

  1. Versatile staples are key! Think: comfy cotton dress that you can dress up or down; denim shorts that go with ANYTHING; jeans that look great with heels or sneaks. Versatile shoes are great too, since shoes can take up quite a bit of space. It will keep you from having tons of different random items, because you can easily re-wear the versatile ones. This brings us to number 2…
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix + match! Take those versatile staples and put them with different pieces to make a whole different look. Choose items you can get 2-3 different outfits from. This helps keep me from over packing (disclaimer: I always end up over packing anyway. Ooops!) Example: I have a black cotton dress that is SO comfy and I can tie a plaid button up around the waist with my Chucks, OR I can throw it on with wedges and a chunky necklace. Two totally different looks, but with one main piece. Mix prints if you have to – if it makes you feel out of your comfort zone, that probably means it’s fun and you should go for it! Another example: I like mixing my camo tee with a plaid button up.
  3. Always bring a jacket! Even if you think, “Oh I won’t get cold, it’ll be fine.” NOPE. YOU WILL FREEZE YOUR *** OFF. It’s inevitable, when you don’t have a jacket, it’ll get cold. That’s how mother nature works. But especially if you’re flying! It gets so cold on planes. Maybe it’s just me because I’m cold 98% of the time, but you’ll thank me later when you visit Colorado in June and it starts snowing! Crazier things have happened.
  4. Dry shampoo FTW. Because whooooo has time to wash their hair when traveling?! Not me. My favorite dry shampoo at the moment is Batiste – it smells amazing and doesn’t coat my hair super heavily like some others do. This iron guard by Chi is also one of my hair staples; it keeps SOME of the damage away from hot tools. Travel size items are even better! Hats are also life savers.
  5. Put your toiletries in a ziplock! Maybe this is common sense to some, but I didn’t learn this trick until my shampoo spilled ALL up in my bag once. So learn from my mistake – ziplock that ish!
  6. Bag for dirty clothes! It sounds like something an over-protective mom might say, but if you’re going somewhere you don’t have access to washing machines, your dirty clothes might make your nice, clean clothes smell not so great. Especially if you’re like me and like to *attempt to* get some workouts in. Sweaty gym clothes on my clean ones, no thanks. If you stick a plastic Target sack in your suitcase, it takes up no room!
  7. Travel steamers are the real MVPs! Seriously, the best investment in my entire life was my travel steamer. Okay maybe not in my ENTIRE life, but pretty close. Traveling means lots and lots of wrinkles. Travel steamers are typically pretty small, and take 30 seconds to heat up. Boom – the day is saved! You can get the one I have HERE (they didn’t pay me to post this, I just really love my steamer).

That’s all I’ve got for now, I hope this helps you pack more efficiently for your next adventure! Thanks for stopping by.

XO beth