What Living on Base Has Taught Me About Decor

Hey friends! I hope your day rocks so far. I’m currently swooning over this cup of coffee… it’s some local coffee we picked up from the farmers market and I’m in love. It may or may not be my second cup of the day.

Today I’m giving you a (tiny) look into my home so that I can share what living on base has shown me about decorating my house! This may be helpful to any new military spouses who are about to move into base housing OR for anyone simply wondering how to efficiently (in my opinion) decorate. Or just for anyone wanting a little glimpse into my base housing experience. 🙂

I am only showing a couple of areas in my home, because as I’ll explain shortly, this is a PROCESS. And a slow one! Keep in mind we are still kind of newly weds soooo some areas of the house are just not decorated yet!

1. Use pops of color wherever you can! For those of you unfamiliar with the white walls club, typically base housing has all white walls in every room of the house. You are only allowed to paint them something else IF you paint them white again before you move out. This just sounds like a ton of work for a temporary home, so we chose to stick with the white walls. This means that you must add color any chance you get! I’m a huge sucker for neutrals (with decor AND my clothes!) so I have learned to add color. Add some bright flowers to a table, or a bright color picture on the wall. You may have some bright throw pillows you can add to your couch to brighten up the whole room. Just don’t be afraid to add bright colors where you can – as long as they match/coordinate the theme of the room! One of my favorite pops of color in my dining room is the peonies – in my table center piece and on the dream catcher. It’s a simple way to brighten the room!

2. Utilize all of the space you’re given! Here is a great example of this – my bar nook! When we first moved into this house, we were intrigued and honestly confused by the awkward, random nook in the dining room wall. We left it alone for several months because we couldn’t decide what to do with the space. Then one day it hit me – a bar nook! I searched Pinterest for all kinds of inspo, and thanks to my hubby’s willingness to spend hours in HomeGood’s with me, my bar area came to life within a week! I combined my love for chic/classic decor with his love for whiskey (the prints) and BAM a bar area we both love! So, don’t be scared to get creative with those random spaces in your house! Use the space you’re given efficiently and you’ll find it easier to decorate AND store things.

3. Simple is okay! I find myself often comparing my house to other peoples’ houses and how thoroughly decorated they are. But I have to remind myself that it’s okay to go for a simple look! One thing that drives me crazy is clutter – so having a simple theme is great if you get clutter anxiety like me! It makes the room look clean and tidy without having to try too hard. Plus, if you’re only going to be living there a year or two, then it’s just a few less things you have to take down when it comes time to PCS!

4. Decorating is a process! This is the biggest realization I have had since moving here! It may sound silly but when we first moved here and made a few friends, I would get so down on myself after seeing their houses. I felt like my house would never look as good as theirs or that I would never know how to decorate well enough. But then I realized, we JUST got married less than two years ago! We JUST moved here a year ago! We are still figuring out what our style is and letting it evolve into exactly what we want it to be. It takes some time to accumulate all of the pieces you need for your house to look whole! Not only time but money! It definitely takes MONEY. So what we have done is simply buy a few things here and there, every couple of months, and before you know it you’ll have a whole room complete! It just takes time (and patience). You gotta save up dat money to be able to replace the old, eclectic college hand-me-downs with your very own furniture.

Hope this helps you out, wherever you are in your home decor journey! Here is where my decor is from:

Dream catcher – HEREMy friend Kristi from back home has started an awesome business (Krafti Kristi) and her goal is to bring your Pinterest boards to life. How cool is that?! I know I’m guilty of pinning crafts and never following through with them, so having someone do it for you is pretty awesome. Check out her page!

Gold photos + ‘Kitchen’ sign + clock + succulents – Hobby Lobby! The photos and signs were incredibly affordable, and I made my own succulent displays! Just got the jar, stones, and plants from HL and assembled it how I wanted 🙂

Bar cart + chai candle – HomeGood’s! Seriously there are no words for how bad I want everything when I go in HomeGood’s. If you need a bar cart, they have lots of cute ones to choose from!

Large whiskey print – Amazon! 

Hanging wine rack – my talented husband! 🙂

Painted wine bottles – used from my wedding! Efficiency at its finest 🙂

Aztec rug + gold lights – Target! Linking the rug HERE. Lights were in the dollar section!