Red Marble Pants

One of my favorite trends lately is the marble trend. The marble print is going on everything and I’m really not mad about it! I bought my first pair of marble print pants from Firepower back around last Christmas, and I was so in love with the print AND the fit that I couldn’t wait to get more.

My fitness coach Alyx, the owner and boss babe behind FirepowerFit, knew how much I loved my white marble pants, so I was beyond thrilled when she reached out to me for a few color ideas on this new line of marble apparel from Firepower! My first thought was RED. If you know me, you know red, white, and blue is one of my number 1 color schemes (#Merica), so I thought red would be perfect to coordinate with pretty much anything.

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out! My first pair were the full length version, and these are the cropped which is perfect for warmer weather. The quality of these is great! And squat proof, because I don’t buy yoga pants that aren’t squat proof šŸ˜‰

Use my discount code “REASONER” to save some money!

On another note- it’s almost Friday already! Yay. I’m currently swooning over this fall-like weather. If you haven’t worked out yet today, take your workout outside! Get your vitamin D fix! It does all kinds of good to your body when you get some vitamin D from the sunshine. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. So even if it’s a ten minute walk outside on your lunch break, your body will thank you!

XO beth

pants – HERE / tank – similarĀ HERE / shoes – Nike women

photos by Elle Lua Photography


Wellness Wednesday

HIII happy hump day! Halfway to Friday people.

So lets talk about my favorite yoga pants. These blue and gray ones from Firepower are seriously the shiz. They feel so amazing on! The material is comfy and high quality. They are a little more expensive than what I normally buy BUT hear me when I say SO. WORTH. IT. They’re still cheaper than Lulu though but still the same quality (hello, score). And they’re squat proof ladies!! I love how high waisted they are so no riding down your booty as you squat.Ā This black mesh sports bra is also from Firepower. You can get a discount with my code – ‘REASONER’!Ā I’ve got more exciting, new Firepower looks coming soon so stay tuned for those.

I have mentioned recently that I’m struggling with a knee injury that has set me back in my workouts (hashtag anxiety). Fortunately it’s looking like I won’t need surgery (thank God!) but they still don’t know why it’s still hurting. So frustrating! But anyways, at first I used my knee as an excuse to skip my workouts completely. Yes I was in a lot of pain so that’s understandable… to an extent. But now I have realized that instead of letting it defeat me, I can use this time as a chance to focus on what I CAN do instead of what I can’t.

For example: one of my biggest fitness goals right now is to do a pull-up on my own. So instead of being sad I can’t work legs on leg day (my fav workout) I can focus that energy on improving my upper body strength. My knee may be weak but my arms are perfectly fine. Might as well go hard with them! If you have something that you feel is holding you back from your goals, let it motivate you instead!

While rest days are extremely important, don’t use the little things as an excuse. Get out there and kick that excuses butt. Tired from work? Even just a 30 minute walk can boost your mood and energy. Too hot outside? Go for a swim – then you’re cooling off AND getting cardio in. Whatever it is, just do it.

And get some Firepower so you’ll look badass doing it šŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!

xo beth

**shoutout to Elle Lua Photography for these bomb pics


Wellness Wednesday: Comparison

Hi pretty people! These super fun yoga pants are from HERE and code “reasoner” saves you some monaaaay! My “Chill” top is from TJ maxx and I’m obsessed. It’s like TJ knew I love to netflix and chill.

I hope your hump day has been fantastic. Mine has been rainy, but productive overall. The nice thing about rainy days is you can stay in and GET. STUFF. DONE. I love checking stuff off a to do list.

I also love naps, like a lot, which is also a huge temptation on days like today. So I’m writing this post instead! It helps me feel more productive šŸ™‚

This morning in the shower, I prayed that God would use me somehow today. Just that. Use me, however. Whatever. I had no specific ideas in mind at that time. But as I was finishing my workout today, I kept thinking about this topic and realized that maybe this is what God wanted me to talk about on here today! (I originally wasn’t going to post today)

If this doesn’t relate to you, I apologize and hope I don’t bore you too much. If it does relate to you, I hope you can find some comfort here on my little corner of the internet!

Something we ALL can relate to is comparison. We areĀ surrounded constantly by people on Instagram with “perfect” bodies (I say that in quotations because we are humans and surprise! not perfect). We are reminded constantly of how hard people are working at the gym, because let’s be honest almost everyone posts their workouts – I am guilty of this too! We scroll through feed after feed full of what everyone else is doing, and we forget that we are only seeing a very small fraction of what’s really going on.

On top of social media, there are always co-workers, family members, friends, etc. who seem to be doing just a little more or better than we are. Or maybe something you wanted job-wise, school-wise, etc. didn’t work out, and it made you feel inferior when comparing yourself to your colleagues.

Am I right? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

But something I have had to basically FORCE myself to do is to take a step back from Instagram or Twitter or whatever platform it is that’s making you feel inferior. Because if it’s giving you anxiety or making you feel less than AMAZING, then is it worth spending time on? No. Take a step back.

I’m not saying delete your insta or anything, Lord knows I love the ‘gram lol. But when you start feeling yourself making comparisons, TAKE A BREAK! Put your phone down, and go enjoy the moment.

And remember, no matter how perfect someone’s instagram feed is, their life is certainly not. Everyone has their struggles, or insecurities, or whatever. Everyone’s body is different. That super intense workout they do might work for them, but maybe you have bad knees and can’t do high impact stuff. THAT’S OKAY! It doesn’t make you LESS, it makes you DIFFERENT. If we were all the same this life would be so boring.

And on top of everyone’s body being different, so is everyone’s situation! Don’t judge your body based on someone thinner than you – what if they have a food intolerance that causes them to be limited on what they can eat, thus resulting in weight loss? What if you didn’t get that internship because a BETTERĀ one is waiting for you down the road? Don’t let what can often be a very positive, happy social media platform turn into something that causes you unneeded anxiety.

Being someone who often struggles with anxiety, this realization has been key for me! Everyone’s on their own path. So let’s build each other up, love each other, and MOST importantly, love OURSELVES. We can’t truly love others until we first love ourselves.

XO beth

PS!!! **the Firepower Force is growing! This awesome, fashionable fitness brand I’ve been posting about is expanding the squad. So if you’re into fitness, fashion, and girl power (and discounts holla!), and want to become a brand ambassador, please let me know! My email is šŸ™‚

Wellness Wednesday


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Hi guys! In my last wellness Wednesday post (forever ago, oops), it was about fitness/my latest workout. However, this week I want to point out how much more there is to wellness. It encompasses mental health as well, which is 100% as important as physical health.

This week, I’ve been pretty sick with a terrible cold or sinus infection (avoiding the doctor’s office, so who really knows lol). It has completely thrown off my workout game, which I have been strictly improving lately. As many of you know, I had to go a long period of time without being physically able to workout, BUT in the last few months I have finally been back to myself! Therefore, I have set some personal fitness/wellness goals and have a burning desire to reach them.

So, throw in this sore throat/stuffy nose/pressure migraine that I’ve had, and there goes my workouts for a few days. Womp womp.

At first, I was honestly really upset with my body for not having the energy to workout. The first day I felt sick, I forced myself to go to the gym regardless, and left quickly feeling 100 times worse.

That’s when it hit me. It’s OKAY to take some days off, especially if my body needs rest. If my goal is to becomeĀ stronger, then pushing it when it’s low on energy is not going to get me stronger any faster.Ā If my goal is to keep my body healthy, then working out while not healthy is doing just the opposite.

Taking a few days off is not going to ruin the progress that’s already been made. If you’re on a fitness or wellness journey, please remember this! As long as you are consciously making healthy choices when it comes to what you eat, then a few days of rest will not ruin your progress. You can’t let rest drive you crazy, because even God told us we are to rest at least one day a week!

I’ll stop rambling now, but I know personally how addicting the gym can become. So I wanted to remind you that it is so okay to rest every now and then! Just use it to motivate you next week in the gym!

Listen to your body. Fuel your body. And most importantly, love your body.

Thanks for reading!

XO Beth


Wellness Wednesday


Happy hump day friends! I have been so busy this week I’ve slacked a little on this little piece of my life, but my personal goal is to keep improving it as much as I can.

So today’s post is a little gym update, because as many of you may know, I’ve just recently been recovering from surgery. Now that I’m at about 80-90%, I’ve been able to work out again. At first, I wasn’t sure how I’d handle it, since it’s been SO long since I’ve been physically able to work out. Even before my surgery, I went aboutĀ two years without being physically well enough to do much physical activity.

And, naturally, as with any NON-weight bearing surgery, I gained some weight, which used to be my biggest fear in life.Ā BUT God is really, really freaking awesome, and here I am loving my body regardless! Ā It’s nowhere near perfect. I have some personal improvements to make, but knowing I’m at a place where I can define boundaries for myself in the gym (& the kitchen), makes this whole process so much easier. The gym is still my happy place, but it’s not my crutch. I still strive to eat healthy, but I listen to my body and fuel it.

If you are struggling with how you feel about yourself and have a negative body image, pleaseĀ be kind to your body.Ā Strive to be strong and happy, don’t strive to be skinny. It’s so much easier on your mind and your body, and trust me those are two very important things! Shoot, be your own #womancrushwednesday, if that’s your thing. Just love yoself.

I digress. Anyways.

Being back in the gym is so exciting. So many days I want to just jump right in where I used to be, but I know it takes baby steps. So, I have had to start off pretty small. But considering, I don’t think it’s too bad. Here’s a peek at what I’ve been doing each week, and am already seeing some progress.

For cardio:
Bike 10-14 miles (depending on mood lolz – sometimes a spin class, sometimes on my own)
Walk 1-2 miles

For legs:
Squats – 3 sets of 12 regular squats; 3 sets of 12 sumo squats; 3 sets of 12 pulsing squats
Lunges, 2 sets of 25
Side kicks, on all fours – 3 sets of 15 on each side

For abs:
75 bicycle crunches
30 seconds of the hundred
30 leg raises
50 regular crunches on Bosu ball (or regular exercise ball)
25 side crunches on Bosu ball (25 on each side)
Side planks – 3 sets of 20 seconds per side

As always, try to spend at least five minutes stretching!!

I will try to do more fitness posts, now that I’m back in the zone after far too long! Hope this snippet helps ya out, and I hope you feel fabulous doing it! I will post more workouts in the future!

XO beth